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online jobs box

 Online job searches are increasing day by day and all of them are need a legitimate job.

After a long search, most of the people frustrated because of  scam jobs  and scam sites,  so many online job offer sites are available on the internet

 before we start online jobs just go through the details and reviews of the
 the company, we decided to work.

You do n’t think, to become richer in a month or a few weeks some of the online job offer sites give assurance to earn 1000 of dollars in a month.

It's possible to gain a better income only when we give our time and hard work.

Most of the people gained decent income from  internet jobs

After long studies and searches,

 I found some companies offer good jobs and good payment

I try to list out some trusted companies here

PTC jobs

Captcha solving jobs

Affiliate marketing jobs

Blogging jobs

Web tester jobs

Paid to click (PTC) 

The PTC websites charged from advertisers for displaying ads on their websites and some of the amounts should be paid to add viewers. It's the best online job for beginners to get some perks without any risk.

Simply sign up and log into your account, click on ads every day and get paid 

PTC jobs

List of genuine PTC sites


It's one of the most trusted paid to click the website.

you can earn money by viewing paid to click ads,
playing games, affiliate commissions, and market surveys.

 Registration at neobux is free

neobux gives you several ways to earn a better income.


  • A lot of adds available
  • you can earn from rented referrals
  • earn from various tasks

Per click   $0.001 to 0.01

Ref click   $0.005
Payout   $2

2 Clix sense

Clix sense another best PTC sites registered for free

different types of earning methods available in clixsens


  • Earnings from the viewing add
  • Earnings from surveys
  • Earnings from the affiliate program
  • Earnings from daily prizes.

Per click   $0.02

3 Scarlet-clicks

scarlet clicks are another good one

per click  $0.001

Ref  $0.005 

Payout  $2

shorten the web page and earn

Captcha entry jobs.

Captcha entry job is one of the simple and best jobs for beginners.
when we compare it with other online jobs, captcha solving jobs are very simple, but the earnings are not high.

You can just signup in the captcha solving sites then enter your working area to see the captcha image being loaded, carefully watch the image and type that image in the provided space and submit .most of the sites give you $0.45 to $1 for solving 1000 images….
Image result for free captcha images download
captcha jobs

Here I listed some genuine sites….
1.Mega typers.

Mega typers  are one of the best captcha solving workers sites
It's free to join beginners can earn$0.45 per 1000 captcha solving
Experienced people will get $1.5 for 1000 captcha solving
They pay through debit card
, checks and PayPal.payza

2.Captcha typer

Captcha typer is another best captcha solving site
Catcha typers are also free to join

You can earn$0.8 to $1.5 for 1000 solving captchas typers

Protype is another free site for captcha solvers
Earn from$0.45 to $1.5 for 1000 images.


2 captcha will give other earnings for referring  people to this site
It is also a free site

You can earn$1 for 1000 solving.

Fast typers

Another best-trusted captcha solving site

They can pay $1.5 for solving 1000 images
you can earn a larger amount during the night hours.

know how to earn shortened web links

Affiliate marketing jobs

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people's products through your blog, website or your social media platforms.

If anyone buys from your website or blog and social media, you will get a commission from the affiliate marketing company.

Some online working people mostly concentrate on affiliate marketing because they get a sizeable amount as a commission.

  Depending on your blog or website topics, select products from the affiliate marketplace then place that product link on your site.

 The site visitors click the link and buy you will get the commission.

so many companies are available on the internet to offer affiliate programs. List of some genuine affiliate program companies 

. Amazon



.shareA sale


.Commission junction

Create blog& Make money

It is very easy to create blogs and make money online. There are so many websites are available on the internet for creating free blogs.

 Blogger is one of the best sites for blog creation and makes money. 

All tools for designing, layout, font changing, and color-changing are available in blogger.

 before we create a blog, keep in mind well-known topics are very important for attracts can choose any topic like hobbies, interesting subjects etc... but the thing is the topic must be easily understood by readers.

Mainly two ways of earning money through blogging first one are the blog with online advertising and another one is affiliate marketing

your blog with online advertising through Google AdWords after getting more visitors in your blog apply for AdWords advertising its best and trusted online can also put private ads in your blog to make a tie-up with online business promoters institutions.

Affiliate marketing is another method of can affiliate the product links of companies with your blog .when visitors click the link and buy that product, you will get a commission from the company. but your selection of products depends upon your blog topic.

Web tester jobs

 web tester job is one of the easiest ways to make money without any investment and a huge risk.

 The nature of the web tester job is to give your valuable and genuine opinion about the random websites given by tester companies.

In the web tester job, you must speak about the design, quality and easy to use the website. 

The main requirements of a web tester are having a high-speed internet laptop or a computer. some companies need a webcam for testing. You should also have little knowledge of spoken and written English.

User testing.

This company take a worldwide home-based web tester for their clients
They pay $10 for every web test. It will only take 15 to 20 minutes job

User test.

user test offers 10.50 for each web test.

U test.

u test also offers a variety of web and app testing can earn up to $10 for every test. 

user feel.

user feel also give $10 for a web test.


The company offers $10 for every test it takes 15 minutes for each test.

Earn money from Google:

Mainly three ways to earn a better income from Google. The first one is the Adsense programme next to is a youtube partner programme and the third google opinion rewards.

In my view no need for another search for online jobs. You should give full effort and time for these types of Google jobs for better earnings.

Google Adsense
Millions of online workers earn a better income from Google 

Adsense, you can earn more than 1000dollers per month from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is google place ads in your blog or website.

create a blog or website of your own topic .choose any subject like 

hobbies, passion etc..then you promote your blog and increase the blog 

visitors. after getting good visitors to apply for an Adsense 

approval once you approved Adsense put ads in your blog. your 

Earnings will start now every click of your ads to gain money.

Earn from youtube;

First, create a youtube account you can signup from your Gmail 

  then create a channel click on create a channel

 Choose the name of your channel that reflects your videos. can create any type of videos like education, review 

videos, music, technology etc..upload your videos to your channel 

and promote your channel through facebook, twitter, Google+

Instagram. After getting good traffic you should  connect to your youtube 

channel to Adsense accounts to earn money, you also put affiliate links in your channel.

Google opinion rewards:

Its reward-based google earning program your opinion is 

valuable for improving google products.

dear readers, I am trying to mention here brief details of online job companies all are better paying genuine companies. You can also try some more companies for better earning.

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Get FREE Bitcoin For Every CLICK! (Easy Bitcoin For Beginners)

Get FREE Bitcoin For Every CLICK!

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Earn $75 on PayPal Uploading Photos - Make money

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